Out with 2017: Happy New Year

Many challenges were faced last year. Some I stared straight on (put on a little more lipstick) and others I tip toed around. Either way I always am grateful for a new day! And in each day wake up looking for the lessons along the way.

2017 was a year I put myself under the microscope. My finding was pure reassurance to carry on loving life each day. Embrace each challenge. Embrace each opportunity. Smile.

By faith I survived a year of broken family traditions, unforeseen obstacles and other unpredicted attacks. If it was a test… I think I passed.

Full time job and then some, a never dull moment kind of husband, a middle schooler, a college student and aging parents are the main components of the day – but to fill in the cracks there is so much more! Good stuff where memories are made! My family is energetic taking in a variety of interest.

Each day comes with choices. In the start of the new year I choose to continue my passion for life. Looking for my God given talents to use for making every day count. Blooming where I can.

To 2018 – I am smiling and looking forward to embracing the days with family and friends (always asking for Gods guidance). I hope to make time for cooking, baking, science projects, music, traveling, gardening, beekeeping, more beekeeping, shopping, crafts, walks, sight seeing and learning new things. I can’t do it all, but I will do what I can 🙂

I encourage you to – bloom where you can.


Happy New Year!

Aiming to make each and every day count! I have lots of gratitude for the little things and that makes the big things possible. Former Restauranteur. Entrepreneur. Real estate family. Proud wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. Practicing healthy eating and being active. Spend time as a beekeeper family, bunny mama, making homemade soaps and crafting. Amazed and intrigued by nature in every season. Some say bloom where you are planted. I say bloom where you can - and it’s okay where you can’t! We are all created different to fulfill our individual purpose. I am a believer...a Jesus gal who believes in blooming where you can. #BloomWhereYouCan

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  1. Please share something important to you for 2018.

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