Out with 2017: Happy New Year

Many challenges were faced last year. Some I stared straight on (put on a little more lipstick) and others I tip toed around. Either way I always am grateful for a new day! And in each day wake up looking for the lessons along the way.

2017 was a year I put myself under the microscope. My finding was pure reassurance to carry on loving life each day. Embrace each challenge. Embrace each opportunity. Smile.

By faith I survived a year of broken family traditions, unforeseen obstacles and other unpredicted attacks. If it was a test… I think I passed.

Full time job and then some, a never dull moment kind of husband, a middle schooler, a college student and aging parents are the main components of the day – but to fill in the cracks there is so much more! Good stuff where memories are made! My family is energetic taking in a variety of interest.

Each day comes with choices. In the start of the new year I choose to continue my passion for life. Looking for my God given talents to use for making every day count. Blooming where I can.

To 2018 – I am smiling and looking forward to embracing the days with family and friends (always asking for Gods guidance). I hope to make time for cooking, baking, science projects, music, traveling, gardening, beekeeping, more beekeeping, shopping, crafts, walks, sight seeing and learning new things. I can’t do it all, but I will do what I can 🙂

I encourage you to – bloom where you can.


Happy New Year!

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