Hive To The Kitchen

Spring is coming and I’m looking forward to being a hands on beekeeper rather than helping husband pro-beekeeper once in a while. For 2018, it’s not a resolution (because I’ve never committed to that) but a goal – to grow my knowledge in sustaining my own colony of bees. My beekeeper man always makes it look fun – maybee – maybee not.

Pictures will come along the way. 🐝

Pollination is critical to our world as we know it. Food and many other products are at risk … so I aim to do my little part.

Bloom where you can (okay, where you can’t).

The wax itself is used in a variety of products, not just candles and soaps that first come to mind. Last year was the year I planned to make my own lip balm with hubby beekeepers wax. Never happened… Procrastination set in (that’s a whole different topic). Maybe this year? Maybe next year?

Yummy fresh raw honey is a common product in my kitchen. Used regularly to make sweet tea, drizzled here and there as a topping, replace or reduce sugar in recipes or enjoyed just plain and simple by the spoon. We not only love the taste but hopefully reap the positive benefits of natures product.

Let me know if you have recipes that you use honey. I would love to share ideas on using natures gift of honey. In the comments – please feel free to share ideas or recipes.




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