Meet Fez. What a wonderful choice this long haired Aussie mix was a few years ago. A wonderful companion dog for my parents.

This amazing dog was featured in an advertisement for the local humane society.

He needed a special home and my parents needed a special pet. His history was a little bit of a mystery; however, it was apparent he had been abused. Skittish, afraid of all males and blind in one eye.

After a couple of meet and greets with our entire family – he became a new member.

Luck or fate …what a perfect match! Fez is one spoiled pooch and lives a pretty nice life! Pampered daily with extra extra love, petting, treats, toys and brushing. Big for a lap dog but his best buddy is now a man who gladly shares a recliner.

I think Fez tries to talk (really, I do… he moves his mouth with no sound), enjoys walks, stays right with “his” people, follows them room to room, sleeps well, a great car rider and he even has his own seat belt. An amazing sight to witness is Fezzys’ reaction when Mom and Dad hug…he wants in on the affection – can not contain his excitement and expresses his love!

Just a sweet pooch that got a second chance. Often I have wondered who saved who???


Aiming to make each and every day count! I have lots of gratitude for the little things and that makes the big things possible. Former Restauranteur. Entrepreneur. Real estate family. Proud wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. Practicing healthy eating and being active. Spend time as a beekeeper family, bunny mama, making homemade soaps and crafting. Amazed and intrigued by nature in every season. Some say bloom where you are planted. I say bloom where you can - and it’s okay where you can’t! We are all created different to fulfill our individual purpose. I am a believer...a Jesus gal who believes in blooming where you can. #BloomWhereYouCan

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