Spring Is Just Around The Corner

Hello all! Hope your week has been good. Winter is starting to have a long feeling and I’m itching for seasons to change. Keeping me grounded at this point in a cold January is goal planning and a little dreaming about warmer days. My list of to do’s is growing! If only I had more time and a lot more energy! You probably agree 🙂Plotting our outdoor planning is always fun (from the sofa) – you could say it is sort of a family tradition to make list and scrap drawings of flowers, garden layout, beehive arrangement etc. etc. etc.

There is work to be done to catch up from last year. (Okay, so we never really catch up.) Fall came and went with unfinished projects. First is pruning the shrubs, shaping bushes, preparing the flower beds as well as inventorying recycled pots and more. Possibly, we will make time to repaint the beehive boxes recreating color schemes. Rummaging in our outbuildings always proves interesting. You just never know! Digging for tools; shovels, gloves, watering cans, you get the idea… It is sure to surface an item or two that had been thought to be long lost.

When the weather is right, the fun begins. Flowers in cans, flowers in pots, flowers in the ground and flower beds with lots of color and pizazz will be blooming in no time. Bee friendly flowers, of course…Clematis vines, zinnias, cosmos, goldenrod, lavender and my very favorite – sunflowers.

Eating healthy is important! Hubby dearest will plant an actual garden, but a little more my size is pots of peppers, cucumber, tomatoes, eggplant, and strawberries. I’m not lazy, I just know my limits.

Brand-new on the agenda this year is the addition of a magnolia tree along with a crop of the fascinating passion fruit.

Regardless of the yield in my little garden pots or how the schedule allows (or doesn’t allow) time to start much less complete projects, we will make family memories plus welcome the experiences to expand our knowledge and grow our abilities.

The hobby of horticulture can be beneficial in many ways. What is your passion?

Thanks for reading!

Please share your garden traditions or tell me about your favorite flower.

eThanks for reading!

Please share your garden traditions or tell me about your favorite flowers.

3 thoughts on “Spring Is Just Around The Corner

  1. Here, we are heading into autumn. The leaves will soon start to turn and put on a show of blazing colour in reds, yellows, browns. And then will settle down into a dormant rest for the fresh, now vibrancy of spring. Nature has much to teach us if we would just stop and listen. Thank you, Stacy, for the follow of my blog. Long may you bloom 🙂

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