What’s your Story?

Easily forgotten and overlooked are often the most important details.

Do you ever stop and think? Yes, stop! Think! Are you grateful? And for what? It’s okay to slow down and carve out the distractions in order to reflect.

Recently my Pastor asked for people to share their story. In my opinion, your personal testimony is the most important words to ever share. The most important relationship is between you and your Maker.

At a Good News Club, I was saved as a young child at the age of seven. At that time I asked My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ to come into my heart. Kid years and teenage years passed with normal trials and tribulations (kid stuff, peer pressure, dating). As a young adult, I rededicated my life to Jesus Christ. Aiming hard to focus on Him. Fast forward and I ask – what is my story? My answer is – Each day I strive to give the glory to God.  All the treasures (my family, friends and matters in my life) I have been entrusted to care for…hard to wrap around that responsibility. I fall short daily, but through His mercy and grace, I try again each new day.

I prefer routine, it keeps life simplified, but as a Christian, that is not what we should be in the habit of. Living inside your comfort zone doesn’t allow for personal growth. Life should be somewhat spontaneous and days filled with busyness connecting with those around us in order to spread the gospel (always politely). Definitely, I pride my self on being present in the life of my family and friends and have a deep-rooted passion for those around me. I do ask each day why I am here today, with a genuine thought of not wanting to miss the mark.

As far as having a grateful heart…I believe that I do. I am thankful to Jesus Christ for allowing me the attitude of gratefulness. Obstacles in daily life I face with a reminder that there is opportunity in each and every struggle.

What are you grateful for? Salvation, family, friends, employment, health, opportunities etc… How about the things you don’t think about as much like the ability to make choices: what to eat, what to wear, how to talk, what to watch, social media and so on. Society has tilted so that the choices don’t have an impact like in earlier times. Some, in the modern culture may sum that up by ”anything goes”! Whether that is good or bad – I’ll leave up to you to decide for your own self. Regardless, I encourage you to think about the big and little characteristics in your daily journey.

Examine your heart and ask yourself what is your story?


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4 thoughts on “What’s your Story?

  1. You’re right, it is often the overlooked simple thing that we forget to be grateful for. A warm bed to sleep in at night. Many have no home, let alone safety. Food in the belly. So many go hungry. so much to be grateful for – and endless opportunities to share of our abundance.

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