2019, a New Year

Welcome, 2019! Last year was a fast one, but they all seem to be getting faster. Simply put I recognize I’m getting older and my perspective is changing. 🙂 Last night as we toasted our glasses of orange juice and grape juice it symbolized in my mind a line to hit reset and look forward with freshness to embracing new opportunities and new friendships in the coming year.

Bloom where you can, when you can, and it’s okay where you can’t. Some say bloom where you are planted, but I say ”bloom where YOU can”. We each have a purpose – find it and use it!8B837775-5648-4324-8EA6-81940D0E5EFF

Today marks a day I dig my heels in a little deeper than yesterday to be a little better than yesterday to work a little harder than yesterday. Aiming to be my best… #progressnotperfection

Family time, friend time, Lucy-Bun time, a little bee keeping, a little soap making, nature, flowers, garden, trying new recipes, learning to meal prep, gentle exercising, and taking in the beauty of God’s creations are a few things on my 2019 list to keep me blooming…






Aiming to make each and every day count! I have lots of gratitude for the little things and that makes the big things possible. Former Restauranteur. Entrepreneur. Real estate family. Proud wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. Practicing healthy eating and being active. Spend time as a beekeeper family, bunny mama, making homemade soaps and crafting. Amazed and intrigued by nature in every season. Some say bloom where you are planted. I say bloom where you can - and it’s okay where you can’t! We are all created different to fulfill our individual purpose. I am a believer...a Jesus gal who believes in blooming where you can. #BloomWhereYouCan

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