Soap Post

Dry skin? Rough skin? Damaged skin? Give milk and honey oatmeal soap a try. Sounds good enough to eat, but completely nutritious for your skin.

Honey has great healing properties known for it’s natural antioxidants and antibacterial uses. Proven to sooth and help prevent acne, decrease pimples and even slows signs of aging with its generous moisturizing properties. You may even glow.

Oatmeal is full of antioxidants and  anti-inflammatory properties. Helps soak up extra oils – loaded with natural compounds that make for a soothing  exfoliator and cleanser.

Basic Ingredients:

-Goats Milk Soap Base



Optional – Essential oil, Vitamin E, Coconut oil, coloring if you prefer.

The three basic ingredients are my personal favorite…Nice and simple and oh so natural!

Aiming to make each and every day count! I have lots of gratitude for the little things and that makes the big things possible. Former Restauranteur. Entrepreneur. Real estate family. Proud wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. Practicing healthy eating and being active. Spend time as a beekeeper family, bunny mama, making homemade soaps and crafting. Amazed and intrigued by nature in every season. Some say bloom where you are planted. I say bloom where you can - and it’s okay where you can’t! We are all created different to fulfill our individual purpose. I am a believer...a Jesus gal who believes in blooming where you can. #BloomWhereYouCan

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