Bee Boxes (Apis mellifera)

Recent photos of a few honeybee hives (unedited). Different styles, colors, painted and decorated.



Portable Observation Hive – mounted to a rolling cart stocked with educational supplies. The frame in the window has a marked queen – this hive is used mainly for “show and tell” and the honeybees are only in this one temporarily.

Wow! Hickory nuts and acorns propolized between the frames, on the frames, and all around the frames. This came from an older unattended hive.

Cross comb shown on these frames.

Nate hive (built by Nate). This one is beautifully painted! The frame being held shows queen cups from grafting.

4 Section Queens Castle being painted.

Freshly painted swarm trap ready to be hung.

Top Bar hive.

Top Bar hive.

Top Bar frame – bee gentle, no foundation.

Nucs are on the far left. Langstroth 10 frame deep – split into 3 sections – queen excluder – shim – medium box on top.

Honeycomb on a top slat off queens castle.

Pro Nuc (new) on the back side – brown with a yellow and made to be stackable.

Successful swarm traps.

Beeks taking a closer look for eggs and queens.

Langstroth 10 frame deep with a feeder and a medium box on top.

Back door observation hive.  Holds 20 medium frames or 16 deep frames.

Someone got creative with the paint. Honey jar and flowers.

Top Bar hive divided into 2 sections. Mascot, Darrell is observing.

5 Page – teachable –  2 colony – Book hive – or new Leaf hive. Holds 20 deep frames or 25 medium frames.

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