2020, Bee A Cheerleader

The calendar says it’s January…the time of year where I try and implement change in personal and professional ways to bee more efficient. I try! Like many others, I start off with a bang and then it steadily dwindles. Life challenges, schedule changes, and the usual hurdles seem to sideline me every year. Regardless, I am always anxious to evaluate and layout my plan to try again. I start with the destination (goal) and work backwards to map out my personal unique plan. Kind of like connecting the dots between point A and point B. So it may seem I have an ongoing life desire for organizing. Silly, right, but that’s me. I also aim to bee healthier, work on my weaknesses, challenge myself to learn something new. More or less I have the same ideas year after year and switch up my approach and arm myself with new or different techniques. Does anybody else keep a running list of random thoughts and ideas? I’ve done this since I was a teenager. After decades of a January “reset” I have learned I can do everything right – only to discover it was the wrong season in my life. Never give up.

Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

So whether it’s diet, health, finances, relationships, education, job or business goals I encourage you to bee a cheerleader not only for yourself but cheer on those around you!

Best wishes and supernatural kind of luck to my fellow January trend setters. May we all cross the finish line with goals that matter the most!

Note: Hence the spelling for all my ”bee” words is to bring awareness to honeybees – my version of spreading the buzz. May you feel the sting and do a little something to help the honeybees today. (Plant a flower, plant a garden, put out a dish of water, read about honeybees, visit a beekeeper)

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