A normal afternoon turned quickly into carefully sifting through a large trash pile. 

Scoping out the situation it appeared to be a swarm coming from a very near and very tall old tree.

The neighbors said the swarm initially was found clustering on a low branch behind the pile of discarded items. A young boy walking by picked up a stick and hit the ball of honeybees to knock them off, and that is what lead to their interest in the trash pile.

Entwined in and around broken children’s toys, curtains, spouting, styrofoam cups, aluminum cans, glass bottles, cardboard boxes, pieces of old electronics, car parts and so on… there were about four pounds of bees looking for a new home.

Just a few pictures to share…

Nope, You’re Not Perfect and Neither Am I

Because life isn’t perfect –

Bloom Where you can!

(We all have a purpose.)

No one is perfect, so be your best and let it rest. Boys, girls, men, and women; we are all so very different and yet all the same = human.

Beautiful blooms in an ugly can! Don’t miss the point – life isn’t always pretty, circumstances can often be unpleasant, but the choice is yours to find a reason to bloom every day.


May You Continue To Bloom!

AllisonbeekeeperABSOLUTELY one of my favorite photos past!!!

This fearless little girl is now in college and still buzzing – not only in bees but with life, friends, and family.

The very essence of wildlife intrigues this girl and her passion for nature is no doubt part of her beauty.

Thankful to celebrate you and your birthday week.

Keep up the good work and never stop capturing amazing pictures.

Bloom where you can!




Soft – Prickly and Mostly Green

Choices! Choices! Choices!

Selection of three for this arrangement. Work in progress..


Ta Da…

Thinking of adding white pebbles to dress it up a bit.

Credit to hubby – this planter has been stored from our anniversary many moons ago.

The Aloe Vera you may have seen is in a pot by itself (not pictured). When the children were younger I kept an Aloe Vera plant for a natural remedy option for those minor cuts and scrapes.

Any cacti stories or aloe users? – please share.

Until next time… remember to make your day count. #BloomWhereYouCan.


What’s your Story?

Easily forgotten and overlooked are often the most important details.

Do you ever stop and think? Yes, stop! Think! Are you grateful? And for what? It’s okay to slow down and carve out the distractions in order to reflect.

Recently my Pastor asked for people to share their story. In my opinion, your personal testimony is the most important words to ever share. The most important relationship is between you and your Maker.

At a Good News Club, I was saved as a young child at the age of seven. At that time I asked My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ to come into my heart. Kid years and teenage years passed with normal trials and tribulations (kid stuff, peer pressure, dating). As a young adult, I rededicated my life to Jesus Christ. Aiming hard to focus on Him. Fast forward and I ask – what is my story? My answer is – Each day I strive to give the glory to God.  All the treasures (my family, friends and matters in my life) I have been entrusted to care for…hard to wrap around that responsibility. I fall short daily, but through His mercy and grace, I try again each new day.

I prefer routine, it keeps life simplified, but as a Christian, that is not what we should be in the habit of. Living inside your comfort zone doesn’t allow for personal growth. Life should be somewhat spontaneous and days filled with busyness connecting with those around us in order to spread the gospel (always politely). Definitely, I pride my self on being present in the life of my family and friends and have a deep-rooted passion for those around me. I do ask each day why I am here today, with a genuine thought of not wanting to miss the mark.

As far as having a grateful heart…I believe that I do. I am thankful to Jesus Christ for allowing me the attitude of gratefulness. Obstacles in daily life I face with a reminder that there is opportunity in each and every struggle.

What are you grateful for? Salvation, family, friends, employment, health, opportunities etc… How about the things you don’t think about as much like the ability to make choices: what to eat, what to wear, how to talk, what to watch, social media and so on. Society has tilted so that the choices don’t have an impact like in earlier times. Some, in the modern culture may sum that up by ”anything goes”! Whether that is good or bad – I’ll leave up to you to decide for your own self. Regardless, I encourage you to think about the big and little characteristics in your daily journey.

Examine your heart and ask yourself what is your story?


#spreadthe buzz




Spring Is Just Around The Corner

Hello all! Hope your week has been good. Winter is starting to have a long feeling and I’m itching for seasons to change. Keeping me grounded at this point in a cold January is goal planning and a little dreaming about warmer days. My list of to do’s is growing! If only I had more time and a lot more energy! You probably agree 🙂Plotting our outdoor planning is always fun (from the sofa) – you could say it is sort of a family tradition to make list and scrap drawings of flowers, garden layout, beehive arrangement etc. etc. etc.

There is work to be done to catch up from last year. (Okay, so we never really catch up.) Fall came and went with unfinished projects. First is pruning the shrubs, shaping bushes, preparing the flower beds as well as inventorying recycled pots and more. Possibly, we will make time to repaint the beehive boxes recreating color schemes. Rummaging in our outbuildings always proves interesting. You just never know! Digging for tools; shovels, gloves, watering cans, you get the idea… It is sure to surface an item or two that had been thought to be long lost.

When the weather is right, the fun begins. Flowers in cans, flowers in pots, flowers in the ground and flower beds with lots of color and pizazz will be blooming in no time. Bee friendly flowers, of course…Clematis vines, zinnias, cosmos, goldenrod, lavender and my very favorite – sunflowers.

Eating healthy is important! Hubby dearest will plant an actual garden, but a little more my size is pots of peppers, cucumber, tomatoes, eggplant, and strawberries. I’m not lazy, I just know my limits.

Brand-new on the agenda this year is the addition of a magnolia tree along with a crop of the fascinating passion fruit.

Regardless of the yield in my little garden pots or how the schedule allows (or doesn’t allow) time to start much less complete projects, we will make family memories plus welcome the experiences to expand our knowledge and grow our abilities.

The hobby of horticulture can be beneficial in many ways. What is your passion?

Thanks for reading!

Please share your garden traditions or tell me about your favorite flower.

eThanks for reading!

Please share your garden traditions or tell me about your favorite flowers.


Meet Fez. What a wonderful choice this long haired Aussie mix was a few years ago. A wonderful companion dog for my parents.

This amazing dog was featured in an advertisement for the local humane society.

He needed a special home and my parents needed a special pet. His history was a little bit of a mystery; however, it was apparent he had been abused. Skittish, afraid of all males and blind in one eye.

After a couple of meet and greets with our entire family – he became a new member.

Luck or fate …what a perfect match! Fez is one spoiled pooch and lives a pretty nice life! Pampered daily with extra extra love, petting, treats, toys and brushing. Big for a lap dog but his best buddy is now a man who gladly shares a recliner.

I think Fez tries to talk (really, I do… he moves his mouth with no sound), enjoys walks, stays right with “his” people, follows them room to room, sleeps well, a great car rider and he even has his own seat belt. An amazing sight to witness is Fezzys’ reaction when Mom and Dad hug…he wants in on the affection – can not contain his excitement and expresses his love!

Just a sweet pooch that got a second chance. Often I have wondered who saved who???


…Just Bees Wax

Every now and then I sew a little. Usually sewing is nothing more than hemming  pants (consequences of being vertically challenged), but every now and then I take on a larger project like a pillow. A gal can never have too many pillows.

Whether it’s all work (alterations) or play (making a pillow) a block of sewing wax is a part of the process. Running my thread across that block of wax eases threading the needle. At the machine or just mending by hand – I appreciate my little hexagon shape of wax. Let me just say – it works for me! Anybody else?

Thank you to our backyard bees for one more handy item. And hubby gets credit  for melting and making it happen.

Please share any wax ideas or tips that you use. Sewing tips are appreciated as well.

Sew on…

Hive To The Kitchen

Spring is coming and I’m looking forward to being a hands on beekeeper rather than helping husband pro-beekeeper once in a while. For 2018, it’s not a resolution (because I’ve never committed to that) but a goal – to grow my knowledge in sustaining my own colony of bees. My beekeeper man always makes it look fun – maybee – maybee not.

Pictures will come along the way. 🐝

Pollination is critical to our world as we know it. Food and many other products are at risk … so I aim to do my little part.

Bloom where you can (okay, where you can’t).

The wax itself is used in a variety of products, not just candles and soaps that first come to mind. Last year was the year I planned to make my own lip balm with hubby beekeepers wax. Never happened… Procrastination set in (that’s a whole different topic). Maybe this year? Maybe next year?

Yummy fresh raw honey is a common product in my kitchen. Used regularly to make sweet tea, drizzled here and there as a topping, replace or reduce sugar in recipes or enjoyed just plain and simple by the spoon. We not only love the taste but hopefully reap the positive benefits of natures product.

Let me know if you have recipes that you use honey. I would love to share ideas on using natures gift of honey. In the comments – please feel free to share ideas or recipes.




Out with 2017: Happy New Year

Many challenges were faced last year. Some I stared straight on (put on a little more lipstick) and others I tip toed around. Either way I always am grateful for a new day! And in each day wake up looking for the lessons along the way.

2017 was a year I put myself under the microscope. My finding was pure reassurance to carry on loving life each day. Embrace each challenge. Embrace each opportunity. Smile.

By faith I survived a year of broken family traditions, unforeseen obstacles and other unpredicted attacks. If it was a test… I think I passed.

Full time job and then some, a never dull moment kind of husband, a middle schooler, a college student and aging parents are the main components of the day – but to fill in the cracks there is so much more! Good stuff where memories are made! My family is energetic taking in a variety of interest.

Each day comes with choices. In the start of the new year I choose to continue my passion for life. Looking for my God given talents to use for making every day count. Blooming where I can.

To 2018 – I am smiling and looking forward to embracing the days with family and friends (always asking for Gods guidance). I hope to make time for cooking, baking, science projects, music, traveling, gardening, beekeeping, more beekeeping, shopping, crafts, walks, sight seeing and learning new things. I can’t do it all, but I will do what I can 🙂

I encourage you to – bloom where you can.


Happy New Year!